Mamala Intensive Intimate Cleanser 18ml

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Why did I switch from my old commercial feminine wash to Mamala MIIC?
• Mamala Intensive Intimate Cleanser changed my whole perspective in intimate area care.
❌ The product needs too much foam to be effective.
✅ This serum type cleanser proved that a little goes a long way.
❌ It should smell fragrant.
✅ MIIC doesn’t make the feminine area fragrant but it reduces unpleasant odor.
❌ The product keeps me fresh up to 4 hours
✅ MIIC keeps me fresh the whole day!
❌ Feminine care products should be cheap
✅ Quality products cost more as these give us quality results. Quality over quantity.
Try Mamala MIIC today and you’d be amazed how it’s definitely worth the price!
‼️This feminine wash effectively provides 24hrs fresh feeling down there, get rid of odor, lessens excessive discharge, tightens and controls ph. 💜👌


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