Mamala white body soap & mamala underarm cream 10g

Mamala white body soap & mamala underarm cream 10g

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Mamala White Body Soap & Mamala Underarm Deo Cream Authentic. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

.Tired of the same old story with your Underarm Cream? "Mamala Virgin Deo" - Thailand's no. 1 Premium Underarm Whitening Cream..😍 🌸Stay 24-hr Odor-free!
🌸Achieve forever white & smooth underarms
🌸Eliminates Chicken Skin
🌸Suitable for Post-pregnancy and Breastfeeding Moms 🔴No Hydroquinone
🔴No Steroids
🔴No Mercury
🔴No Colorant
🔴No Paraben ✔️Thailand and Phil. FDA Approved


USE Mamala White Body Soap. ✨

'Yung totoo, Mamala Soap, what can you NOT DO? 😂👌🏻


✅ PH FDA approved
✅ No mercury, parabens, steroids, hydroquinone
✅ Gradual whitening
✅ Safe for pregnant and lactating women
✅ Potent combo of active natural ingredients
✅ Perfect for health-conscious individuals

#mamala #mamalasoap #cleanbeauty #FDAapproved 

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