Ryxskin sanitary pads with negative Ion and vaginal test kit ( 10 pcs)

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Research has shown that SANITARY Pads with Negative ION..
-Prevents UTI
- Eliminates odor
-Relieves menstrual pain/cramps, dysmenorrhea
-Prevents vaginal infections/itchiness
- Prevents bacteria and fungal growth
- Prevents cervical cancer/diseases
-hormonal imbalance

Negative ions can also give us the following benefits:
• Detoxifies and Energizes
• Prevents migraine, incontinence,hemorrhoids, others
• Reduces anxiety and stress
• Alleviates depression
• Balances endocrine system
• Strengthens immunity and improves metabolism

Ryx sanitary pads and panty liner meron nyan 😊 Paline up na mga beeeeee 😍😍 ganda nito


LINERS ( 30 pcs)


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