Snail white Double Boosting Brightening Serum

  • $35.00

Feel the power of two potent glow-boosting formulas in one step with SNAILWHITE Double Boosting Brightening Serum. Our double-compartment product contains a serum and a booster, giving you a freshly mixed double serum in every drop. Each serum is enriched with powerful brightening actives that work together to reveal spotless, glowing skin.


The Brightening Serum is infused with three powerhouse actives for the ultimate glow. Alpha Arbutin visibly brightens for a radiant and more even glow. Niacinamide helps visibly fade dark spots, minimize the appearance of pores, and balance skin’s oil production. Snail Mucin stimulates the production of collagen for a healthy skin barrier.


The Bright Boosting Serum is an antioxidant-rich serum for glowing and hydrated skin. Vitamin C enhances skin’s radiance and help protect skin from free radical damage. Hyaluronic Acid boost skin’s moisture for a brighter and plumper complexion.


Get double the glow with this bright-boosting duo!


Why you'll love it:


1. Brightening Serum helps to even out the skin tone, fade dark marks & sun spots, and helps visibly minimize the appearance of enlarged pores.


2. Bright Boosting Serum hydrates and enhances your skin’s glow while strengthening and protecting your skin from free radical damage.


3. 2-in-1 glow-boosting serums in just one step for visibly healthier, spotless glowing skin.



1. Dullness

2. Dryness

3. Dark marks and sun spots

4. Visibly enlarged pores


How to use: Dispense a small amount of Brightening Serum and Bright Boosting Serum and warm the mixture in your palms. Press palms gently all over face and neck every morning and night before applying your moisturizer.

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