2-pack CollaJayne Mixed Berries Collagen + Glutathione 10 Sachets

2-pack CollaJayne Mixed Berries Collagen + Glutathione 10 Sachets

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Indulge in the daily ritual of self-care with CollaJayne Mixed Berries Collagen Drink – your pathway to wellness and radiant skin. Packed with premium, nutrient-rich berries, this delightful beverage is not only a treat for your taste buds but also a powerful elixir for your overall health.

Why are mixed berries good for you?

Mixed berries are nature's treasure trove of wellness benefits:

  • Powerful Antioxidants: Berries are loaded with antioxidants, helping to combat the effects of aging and environmental stress on your skin.

  • Anti-Aging: Bid farewell to fine lines and embrace a more youthful complexion with the goodness of collagen and L-Glutathione.

  • High in Vitamin C: Boost your immune system and skin health with the rich vitamin C content found in berries.

  • Great for Overall Health: Berries aren't just a skin-saver; they promote your overall well-being, from heart health to improved digestion.



Our unique formula is a fusion of nature's finest ingredients:

  • Strawberry Extract: Bursting with flavor and packed with vitamins, strawberries are a skin-loving ingredient.

  • Blueberry Extract: Blueberries are your skin's best friend, rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

  • Açaí Berry: Known for its superfood status, açaí berry supports overall health and vitality.

  • Goji Berry: These little powerhouses are celebrated for their anti-aging and immune-boosting properties.

  • Stevia: A natural sweetener that adds guilt-free sweetness to your daily ritual.

  • Collagen: Essential for skin elasticity and hydration, collagen helps you maintain a youthful glow.

  • L-Glutathione: A potent antioxidant that promotes skin whitening and even skin tone.

  • Vitamin C (as Sodium Ascorbate): A key player in collagen production and overall skin health.

  • Grapeseed Extract: Loaded with antioxidants, grapeseed extract supports your skin's resilience.

  • Gotu Kola Extract: Known for its skin-soothing properties, Gotu Kola helps maintain skin health.

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Keeps your skin hydrated and looking radiant.

  • Sakura Extract: Known for its skin-brightening properties, Sakura extract contributes to a more even complexion.

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