Aichi Lemon Cucumber Yogurt Drink - Refreshing for a Zesty Twist of Flavor- 2-Pack

Aichi Lemon Cucumber Yogurt Drink - Refreshing for a Zesty Twist of Flavor- 2-Pack

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Indulge in the perfect fusion of taste and nutrition with Aichi Yogurt Drink in the invigorating Cucumber Lemon flavor. This duo pack offers a delightful combination of creamy yogurt, cooling cucumber, and zesty lemon, providing a daily dose of wholesome goodness with a burst of refreshing flavor.

**Key Features:**
- Creamy Yogurt Base: Immerse yourself in the velvety richness of our yogurt drink, crafted with probiotics for a healthy gut.
- Cooling Cucumber: Experience the crisp and hydrating essence of cucumber that invigorates your senses and soothes your palate.

**On-the-Go Convenience:**
Packaged in a convenient bottle, Aichi Yogurt Drink is your perfect companion for a busy lifestyle. Whether at work, the gym, or on daily adventures, enjoy this flavorful drink wherever you go.

**Serving Suggestion:**
Chill Aichi Yogurt Drink Cucumber Lemon for a refreshing snack, a midday pick-me-up, or a satisfying addition to your breakfast. Shake well before sipping to awaken the fusion of flavors.

- Pregnant, lactating, and individuals with a history of medical conditions should consult a physician prior to use. Not recommended for children.

**No Approved Therapeutic Claims.**

- Garcinia Cambogia Extract
- L-Carnitine
- Green Tea Extract
- Green Coffee Extract
- Aloe Vera Extract
- Cucumber Extract
- Lemon Extract
- Reduced L-Glutathione
- Marine Collagen Peptides
- Ginger Extract
- Turmeric Extract
- Probiotic
- Stevia

Pour one sachet of Aichi Yogurt Drink into 150mL of cold water. Stir until the powder is dissolved. Add ice for an extra refreshing experience.

**Storage Condition:**
Store in a cool, dry place not exceeding 30°C, away from direct sunlight. Keep out of children's reach.

Elevate your refreshment game with Aichi Yogurt Drink - Cucumber Lemon Bliss. Experience the harmonious blend of flavors that revitalizes your senses and nourishes your body. Embrace a healthier, more refreshing you, one sip at a time.

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