Ryxskin Sincerity Pure Innocence Fragrance Mist

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 Product name: Pure Innocence fragrance mist

Type: body mist 

Net. wt: 100ml 

Key benefits: 

Discover your signature scent of pure innocence with RyxSkin's Pure Innocence Fragrance Mist. Embark on an adventure of aromas with notes of vanilla, white floral, and powdery fruitiness. Spray your innocence and make a difference with this light, luxurious, and affordable mist. Dare to take a risk and enjoy a memorable scent of true love!


Aqua, Fruit distillate, Sodium bongs, Vanilla, Pyrus, Schinus terinthifolia, Ora Blossom,C Jasmine, Bitter ond, Licorice.

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