V Colostrogen Vanilla Milk Flavor 150g - 30 Day Supply - 2packs

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Experience a perfect triple combination designed to promote anti-aging benefits. Our product features age-defying actives and is excellent for supporting breast development and maintenance. It also aids in a smooth transition process.

Unleash your inner radiance with this unique triple combination suitable for everyone, regardless of gender identity. V COLOSTROGEN can be enjoyed by individuals of all genders.

Please note that this product does not make any approved therapeutic claims.

Preparation is a breeze – simply mix your COLOSTROGEN powder with a glass of warm water for optimal enjoyment.

For the best results, we recommend a daily intake of 15 grams, equivalent to two and a half tablespoons. To maximize the benefits, take it twice a day.

Important Precaution: This dietary supplement is not a medical drug and is not intended to cure or prevent any diseases. If you have any medical concerns, please consult your healthcare provider.

Please be aware that individual results may vary.

Enhance your well-being with V COLOSTRUM- V COLOSTROGEN POWDER – a perfect addition to your daily routine!

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